In a word. No. I do not know how to cook pork. Four tries. Four failures. It started after a multi-day search looking for a simple recipe to cook super-lean pork chops (2 on bone, 2 without) from my favorite (and only) Butcher... (stay tuned for road trip to my Bronx Butcher).

So i picked out a recipe, got all the ingredients, had the prep time and began. Half-way though, the recipe said to use a "rack" of some sorts for the oven. A "rack"??? why would I need a rack? Well, because I had googled the wrong recipe. This was for a pork tenderloin, not chop. Awesome. So, I tried to recover and quickly look for a recipe to cook on stove top. The key i kept seeing was the temperature... apparently 165 degrees??? Well, the one good note was that it gave me time to test out a new tool -- my handy thermometer that I got from my cooking school (a blog for another time) after I dropped out after one day. 

I cooked, I "seared"... well, maybe not. I watched videos to see if i was cooking it right... uh! And after cooking it longer than it should have been on the stove, the thermometer only reached 145 degrees! However, in my "professional" opinion, it was clearly overcooked. Dilemma... to eat and risk getting sick or waste the food and money. Well, the dodo ate it. I'm still hear to tell the tale! But wow, pork will not be on the menu (or the blog for some time). I do not accept defeat! ... (just a temporary surrender)